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AP-1C Preassembled pipeline system

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DN 100, 150
PN 100, 160, 250, 500
Manufacturer quality class TU 4318-006-73943896-2013


Pre-assembled pipeline systems (PPS) are designed to be installed in a downstream from a natural gas wellhead to provide the following:
flow rate control;
flow rate, pressure and temperature monitoring;
redirecting the flow to a flare system or inspection station/separator;
methanol injection control;
pipeline safety shut off in case of media pressure drop or buildup;
manual or remote controlled shutdown of a pipeline.
All PPSs may be designed to meet specific application, depending on wellhead construction and media condition. Modifications may include installed process control unit/operator station. Examples of the pre-assembled pipeline units which are already in operation in the fields of OAO NK “Rosneft”, PAO “NOVATEK”, OJSC “Severneftegazprom”

AP-1C preassembled pipeline system PN 160, DN 100


AP-1C preassembled pipeline system PN250, DN100


AP-1C preassembled pipeline system PN500/160, DN80/100


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