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Preassembled wellhead pipeline systems

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The application of pre-assembled pipeline systems at gas wells

Pre-assembled pipeline systems are used in the construction of well pads and strapping single wells. They have different design features, different number of shut-off and control valves, cable lines, service platforms and stairs. Pre-assembled pipeline units produced by “Promavtomatika-Sarov” are designed for nominal pressure of the working medium up to 500 kg/cm2.

What is pre-assembled pipeline units?

Pre-assembled pipeline system is a welded structure of pipes of the desired diameter and connecting parts, which is installed on the support frame. Installation of control, shutoff and safety valves, instrumentation, inhibitor injection units, electrical and signal connections, coating and thermal insulation in accordance with the technical requirements for production is performed on the unit.
OOO “Promavtomatika-Sarov” is the developer and the manufacturer of the main products applied in reinforcing blocks that allows to provide the best conditions of delivery of the ready equipment. Reinforcement blocks are developed in accordance with the scheme defined by the project of arrangement of well clusters.
Pre-assembled pipeline units (PUU) are designed to be installed in a downstream from a natural gas wellhead to provide the following:

The main advantages of using pre-assembled pipeline units

Despite the fact that the price of the pre-assembled pipeline unit is slightly higher than the separately purchased equipment with the cost of installation works for the assembly of such structures directly in place, the use of the block construction method has its advantages.
Pre-assembled pipeline unit allows to simplify and speed up the construction in place, by eliminating problems with the acquisition, as the pre-assembled pipeline unit is supplied with a fully equipped product.
Pre-assembled pipeline unit is more reliable product, because it is made in the factory, in the production of which are maintained such mandatory parameters as atmospheric temperature, purity and form of processing edges for welding; welding in protective gases is used. Before shipment there are 2 tests: hydraulic pressure test and pneumatic pressure test.
Pre-assembled pipeline unit is a better product, since the surface preparation for coating and the varnish-and-paint coating itself is applied in a room protected from wind, precipitation and with controlled temperature.
Pre-assembled pipeline unit is produced according to the agreed design documentation, which is usually considered more carefully than the design documentation. At the same time, it is possible to take into account all the requirements for easy access and maintenance of equipment, such as the placement of additional platforms and stairs, changing distances, the location of cable routes and terminal boxes.
To order the production of pre-assembled pipeline units is possible by contacting our specialists. Ordering such equipment in OOO “Promavtomatika-Sarov” you will not be disappointed in the ratio “price-quality”, our enterprise has modern equipped production, a wide experience of similar deliveries and impeccable business reputation.
For more information about pre-assembled pipeline units, please call our specialists or fill in the feedback form.

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