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OOO «PASAR» is a modern, dynamically developing enterprise of OOO “Promavtomatika-Sarov”. The Corporation was founded in 2004 on the basis of the enterprises which are a part of all-union research and design institute of complex automation of the oil and gas industry of the Ministry of natural resources, and for the last few years became one of leaders in development and production of the equipment for oil and gas industry of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries.
The production complex of the plant is located on the territory of ZATO Sarov, which is known as a major scientific and technical center of Russia, Russian Federal Nuclear Center-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics, is part of the Sarov Innovation cluster, is a member of the Sarov Technopark and is part of the consortium of Sarov enterprises “Engineering center of the Sarov cluster”.
The company offers to the market a wide range of marine hydraulic equipment, such as electromagnetic distributors, manual and axial piston pumps, valves, pneumatic accumulators, pressure switches, flow regulators, flow dividers.
The hydraulic equipment of our line can be used in civil and military shipbuilding, in a complete set of mining combines, and also in hydraulic systems of lifting mechanisms.
Belonging to the military sector of hydraulic equipment causes a high production culture and the degree of reliability of products. Constant quality control by the service of the plant’s quality control department, Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping allows to guarantee the quality of product operation up to 5 years, and the actual service life exceeds 20 years.